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Fingerprint door lock smart door lock to securely protect your house from anyone trying to unlock this smart door lock. It uses fingerprint biometric intelligent technology that connects to a Wifi panel to securely protect your home from any theft. It is an intelligent door lock with fingerprint, card, password features. It is a simple smart door lock allowing you to fit in on any door, easy-to-install. The 5 volt smart alloy electronic fingerprint smart door lock uses strong batteries (4.5v - 6.5v four batteries. This is a perfect solution to have this smart door lock inside a residential home, modern office, office building, school or any department that wants security at its top priority for making sure everyone doesn't have access to this room. It uses over 300 different fingerprints, smart cards, remote opening key passwords.

Smart Fingerprint Lock Features

You're wanting fingerprint door lock security, this is what you get when you buy the aluminum alloy electronic fingerprint lock which uses intelligent voice patterns that recognize a voice response to open the door. It is a powerful door lock uses electronics to connect to as a wireless device using batteries to power the doors working functions. The voice intelligence system will respond using the door as an application online wit its voice navigation, human-computer interaction will make it easy to work with the smart door lock.

Specifications Of The Smart Camera Door Lock

  • 250mAH Battery
  • 300 Finger prints
  • 300 opening cards
  • 300 opening passwords
  • 300 opening door remote controls
  • 500DPI resolution for fingerprint detection
  • .15 rejection rate
  • 9.6" Height x 2.2" Wide x [4.2" (Handle Wide) x 2.7" Handle Height)]

Smart Fingerprint Lock Design Features

  • Touch Keypad
  • Reverse Lock Device
  • Semiconductor Fingerprint Reader
  • Card Reading Area
  • Voice Speaker
  • Battery Cover
  • Key Hole
  • Micro USB Port

There are many features for the aluminum alloy electronic finger print smart lock which has a voice speaker on the backside to allow you to give voice commands. There's a battery cover on back as well as the finger print smart lock comes primarily in black color. There's a Micro-USB port at the bottom with a key hole. These are features that give you ability to do many things, charging, file import, rooting the software inside the door lock. The touch keypad area has ability to accept passwords.

Wifi Matching Using The Door lock Features

Use the extra features to unlock the finger print door reader. You can use your finger print and store over 300 passwords that can work for many people at a company with special access. Wifi match will unlock with remote control functions, you press the doorbell key to unlock immediately. There's 180 degree door handle that will rotate to open easily. It is really easy to open and close the door as well as locking the door. You can easily type in a random password while putting the real one in if you have an onlooker so there isn't any wait time for the door handle to open.

Smart Door Lock Fingerprint Comes With:

  • 1 x Front panel
  • 1 x Rear panel
  • 1 x Mortise lock
  • 2 x Smart card
  • 2 x Mechanical Key
  • 1 x Screw Kit
  • 1 x English Manual

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