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Sg906 Pro Beast drone is a powerful drone that has compact quality features making the drone easy to fly and carry any time you need to get the best action shot. Foldable drones reduce storage space, mini-drone features and good battery life make the SG906 Pro Beast Drone one of the top foldable mini hobby drones for sale in the Drone industry. This is a drone you'll want to keep on your side any time you see a good opportunity for the best action shot. Great low price, the Drone Beast is a cheap quadcopter drone for sale affordable to consumers that want to jump into the drone market with the best camera drone on their side. Gesture controls make selfies easy as well as 50x zoom with a slide of your finger using your mobile device.

Sg906 Pro Beast Drone Performance

SG906 Pro Beast drone's flight distance is over 1200 meters giving plenty of distance and range to take the best video content. Altitude hold allows you to keep the drone steady for the best picture and videos. 4k HD anti-shake, smooth flights. Indoor/outdoor flying with GPS positioning with one-click return, uncontrolled returns and other functions in case GPS is blocked by clouds. Optical flow positioning allows you to fly indoors. The SG906 Pro Beast is the best drone to fly with stability to wind resistance and aerial stability. GPS positioning will allow drone to return home when the battery is 25% low. Drone Beast is an autonomous drone which has preset routes allowing you to focus on the best shooting content. Gesture mode allows you to take the best pictures from 1-3 meters away.

  • GPS Following: 30 meters
  • Image Following: 2 Meters
  • Gesture Shooting Recognition: 1-3 meters


Sg906 Pro Beast Drone Dual Camera & Video

Ultra High definition video with dual cameras make this the top drone to get multiple photography images and video content for you to shoot. 4K Video shooting high quality pictures and video. There are x2 cameras to shoot multiple assets of production for your portfolio of video & picture content. Color reproduction ability can capture more light in high quality detail at professional level ability. Mechanical self stabilizing gimbal 4k ultra clear cameras with 1080P HD Camera

  • 2-axis mechanical self-stabilizing gimbal
  • 4k Ultra clear camera / 1080p HD Camera
  • Lens Angle: 110 degrees
  • Wifi transmission distance 800 meters

SG906 Pro Beast Drone camera functions and quality of the HD 1080px drone camera


SG906 Pro Beast Drone Battery

Drone Beast Pro small drone has a large powerful 2800mAH Battery capacity 7.4v lithium battery with 25 mins of endurance. This drone will last past 25 mins depending on how you use the drone and conditions of flight. Drone takes 5 hours to fully charge.

SG906 Pro Beast Drone Remote Controller

Drone Beast has an easy-to-use app which can be used on any smart phone device. Artificial Intelligent software makes it easy to add features to the photos and videos you record. Basic joy-stick remote controller with digital interface give you many flight controls even for beginner drone pilots. 2.4gz high-frequency signal with sensitive response and anti-interference equipped with backlit LCD screen on remote controller. One key return, real-time display, battery power indicator with an ergonomic folding design gives you the ability to hold the smart phone device comfortable. One key switch to different video and camera. Mobile App control is available for the SG906 Pro Beast. Drawer battery with Power Indicator Easily check the power of the drone any time by short press the switch to display the power

How To Use SG906 Pro Beast Drone Remote Controller

Easily use the remote controller no problem using the quick-key functions. One key start/landing button, Gimbal up, gimbal down controls the camera, headless mode providing you the hoover mode, one key return, short press speed switch, long press for 5 seconds for gyroscope and gimbal level correction, rise and fall turn left and right, red signal light is always one when connected. On the right side you have short press to video, long press for 5 seconds to turn off mode 2 [gps mode]. short press to take a photo long press for 5 seconds for taking the picture. Right joy stick rise and fall, turn left and right. Right - forward backward, fly left/ right

Remote Control Display

LCD display shows you all the different icons that you should know the basics. GPS signal, return icon, video, remote control, battery level , distance, GPS star count, headless mode, photo, mode, aircraft battery are all the different icons you will see when you get your Drone Beast Pro drone for sale from us. (Remote controller does require 4 x 1.5v AA batteries.)

SG906 Pro Beast Drone Mobile App Functions & Features

The Mobile app allows you to easily give you advanced editing features like no other drone can give you. MV Special Effects, with multiple filter effects you can add popular music backgrounds, popular songs, or music to videos from your phone to share instantly to your social media profiles. Drone is compatible with an smart phone operating system and is compatible with VR technology (Virtual Reality). 

SG906 Pro Beast Drone Mobile App Pictures and video technology for editing the pictures created from the drone.

SG906 Pro Beast Drone Design

Drone is compact friendly, foldable, easy to store inside a backpack to use on any outing. Pro Beast has brushless motor which doubles the improvements of the in-flight performance of the drone. Brushless motor can fight any environment as it is resistant to over 7 types of wind with low noise, and smooth operation. There are two cameras, one on the bottom and one of the front. The Gimbal electronic video camera can easily rotate on a push of the button. Drone Beast Pro has different LED lights and sensors allowing opportunity to avoid obstacles. Two Axis design allows for you to eliminate camera shake, no matter how windy, bouncy or jerky movements coordinate, you'll always get a smooth picture even if you reach max speed.
Measurement Dimensions 8.4cm length x 17.4cm long (measuring sideways) x 7cm height (back)Unfold size - 49 x 7.5 c 47 CM - Fold size 19 x 7.5 x 9.5cm


SG906 Pro Beast Drone Smooth  Gimbal mode allows for quality picture no matter how much movement there's when taking your shot. It doesn't matter how fast or how much movement there's with this feature you'll always get the steady shot. 

SG906 Drone Enhancements, Upgrades for buying Virtual Reality Accessories

SG906 Drone Pro Beast is the ultimate drone giving you upgrade enhancements for you to use Virtual Reality gear. Buying a cheap VR headset you can easily use the VR mode that the Beast provides in-app giving you full FPV videos to experience a unique performance with the Beast Drone. All you need to do is buy your own VR Headset for sale which we sell online as well.

SG906 Pro Beast Drone Overall

SG906 Beast Pro Drone for sale has many different features. With over 25 minutes of flight time featuring dual cameras the Beast Pro drone has the ultimate setup to make you the perfect professional photographer. Platform comes with a smart app and AI features that make production easier as headless mode gives full smooth picture and video recording a breeze despite the environment and wind. Automatic return autonomously activates on low battery or if drone losses connection. Drone Beast has autonomous route patterns that will fly with the target you enable making you free to use the drone without worrying about controlling it. 4K 1080P Camera definition makes the 2-axis gimbal optical lens pure HD pixel with smooth video transmission. All your photos and videos are built to perfection as you will end up falling in love with the performance of this cheap drone for sale. SG906 Beast Drone is by far the best hobby drone for sale.

SG906 Beast Pro Drone Comes With

  • x1 Aircraft
  • x1 Remote Control
  • x1 Remote Joystick (pair)
  • x1 Body Battery
  • x1 USB Charging Cable
  • x1 Screw Driver
  • x2 Spare Propeller (pair)
  • x10 Screws
  • x1 Manual

SG906 Pro Beast Drone comes with - drone accessories

SG906 Pro Beast Drone Features

  • Optical flow positioning
  • 50x Zoom capturing the best moments from afar
  • One Key Return will automatically come back to you.
  • GPS Positioning
  • Capture Photo AI Image capturing
  • Track Flight, Surround Flight, & Auto-follow
  • Low Power Course Reversal - Automatic course reversal when out of range
  • 5G Wifi
  • 2-Axis Mechanical cloud platform
  • 4k HD Camera
  • Electric Adjustment camera
  • Real-time transmission
  • Foldable & Portable
  • Intelligent Modular Battery
  • Brushless Motor
  • Intelligent IPP Follow
  • Remote Control Distance 1200 meters

SG906 Pro Beast Drone specifications on this drone and features

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