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The Parrot drone is one of the best artificial intelligence drones in the industry. The open source SDK allows you to customize any drone development software. That is, a drone designed and built. Anafi Drone Parrot is an electric drone that can fly up to 6 km. It uses a very powerful camera of over 26 megapixels in 4K Ultra HD. Drones can fly with precision, use "follow me" mode and use patented technology to edit and take pictures. The Parrot Drone is the perfect drone camera for enthusiasts who want to take professional photos. This is an easy-to-use drone that is useful even for beginners and has a guide that folds down in 3 seconds. The Parrot Anafi Drone can charge up to 60% faster than a standard 5W USB A charger. If you want to invest in a touch screen solution, you can customize the optional geofence with a smart remote control accessory. A smartphone or Android device is required to control the Anafi Parrot Drone. You can also purchase the FPV package for $100. For professionals who need the best product ingredients, the Anafi camera rotates 180 degrees when taking photos and videos from below. Photos and videos are available for free on this fantastic aircraft, and Parrot consumer software makes it easy to create amazing flying experiences.

Best Reasons To Buy The Parrot Anafi Drone

The Parrot drone is one of the best artificial intelligence drones in the industry. The open source SDK allows you to customize any drone development software. In other words, drones are designed and manufactured. Anafi Drone Parrot is an electric drone that can fly 6 kilometers. It uses a very powerful camera with a 4K Ultra HD resolution of more than 26 megapixels. The drone can fly precisely, use the "follow me" mode, and use proprietary technology for editing and taking pictures. Parrot Drone is a perfect drone camera for lovers who want to take professional photos. This is an easy-to-use drone, useful even for beginners, and has a guide that can be folded up in 3 seconds. The charging speed of the Parrot Anafi Drone is 60% faster than the standard 5W USB A charger. If you want to invest in touch screen solutions, you can customize optional geofencing with smart remote accessories. A smartphone or Android device is required to control Anafi Parrot Drone. You can also purchase an FPV package for $100. For professionals who need the best ingredients in a product, the Anafi camera can be rotated 180 degrees when taking photos and videos from below. Photos and videos are provided for free on this fantastic airplane, and Parrot consumer software makes it easy to create an incredible flying experience.

Design For Parrot Drone Anafi

The Parrot Anafi Thermal drone has a stylish and compact design. The cool aerodynamics allow the drone to glide through wind resistance. Parrot Anafi's design is inspired by the evolution of insect life. A smooth flight experience is always the advantage of the Parrot Anafi thermal drone. This is a small drone that can fly indoors and outdoors. The length of the drone is 8.5" x 2.7" wide x 2.5" high. The lightweight design (315g) makes the carbon fiber design stronger than its competitors. You can easily put the Parrot Anafi thermal drone in your bag It can be easily put into the travel bag in less than 3 seconds)

Powerful Battery The Parrot Drone Anafi Thermal Uses w/ Smart Technology

 The smart battery of the Parrot Anafi drone uses a powerful 2700 mAH (2-cell) lithium polymer battery, which lasts more than 25 minutes. The charging port is a USB-C compatible port with a connection speed of 7.6v. It can be quickly charged in less than an hour with a charging power of 26W. The Parrot Anafi smart battery does not consume the power of the original battery, making it a long-lasting battery. Unlike other batteries, once the battery is fully charged, its power will be turned off.

Parrot Anafi battery specifications

  • High-density lithium battery (2-cell)
  • Battery capacity 2700 mAH
  • Battery life time 25 minutes
  • Charging port: USB-C
  • 7.6V
  • Maximum charging power "26.1W

Parrot Anafi Drone Performance Features

 Capable of using three smart batteries, the Parrot Anafi drone offers many new features with a flight time of 26 minutes. The Parrot Anafi Drone for sale has several features that give you full control over your flight pattern in a mode that allows you to track the drone. FlightPlan Drone lets you create colorful and creative flight models using thermal or RGB images captured with a high-resolution 21MP camera. The maximum flight speed is 34 million pixels relative to the maximum horizontal speed, and the vertical speed is 4 meters per second thanks to the wind resistance of 31 million pixels. Equipped with an ultrasonic altimeter for more accurate data measurements, the Parrot Anafi Drone offers the best performance in drones.

Parrot Drone Camera Features

The Parrot Anafi Camera Drone is a powerful 21MP drone that utilizes the power of a wide-angle, dual-camera stabilized 4K high-resolution Anafi thermal diffractometer. Calibrated FLIR adjusts the absolute temperature of each sensor pixel to provide the best possible image and video resolution. Infrared power QHD 1400 x 1080 pixel resolution is 9 frames per second and the JPEG output video stream has a resolution of 720p. Anafi Drone Thermal Imager's mods offer a variety of imaging modes, allowing users to select custom temperature scales for the most accurate color measurements.

4K Cinema 4096x2160 24fps
4k UHD 3840x2160
FHD 1920x1080
HFDV Video 69 degrees
Max speed video stream 100mbps
Video format MP4
Anafi Thermal Optical IR Performance:
Thermal Radiometric Camera Model Lepton® 3.5 by FLIR
Automatic sensor recalibration
4K Visible Spectrum Performance
21mp Sony IMX230 1/2.4" Sensor
x2.8 at 1080p lossless zoom

Software Smart Algorithm Controlling Autonomous Features For Parrot Anafi Drone

The Parrot Anafi Drone is one of the most user-friendly flying experiences. No training is required to fly an Anafi drone. It has several autonomous flight modes and works with FlightPlan, Follow Me, Cameraman, Hand Take-Off and SmartRTH. The precise positioning of the drone allows it to capture a vertical camera image as a reference image. Compared to the previous 15Hz radiation. The algorithm calculates the rate at which the reflection error between the reference image and the last image is minimized. Bypass autopilot. The precise return of the drone allows the drone to shoot the drone's field of view and fly over the RTH target. The Parrot Anafi Drone offers automatic take-off, manual take-off, automatic landing and low-altitude flight. The four modes are controlled by an intelligent flight controller with a joystick on the left and a corresponding joystick.

The Smart Drone control panel allows users to select drone transmissions by touching the screen. Connect the GPS transmission to the drone. 

Flight Planning

FreeFlight 6's Flight Planning feature allows users to perform all missions offline by simply selecting them. Mark each point outside the device relative to the camera's height and axis. Anafi parrots do complex tasks, not simple ones. 

Autonomous Flight For Parrot Anafi Drone

Parrot Anafi Drone has FreeFlight 6's Cineshot feature includes 4 autonomous app controls;  (360, Tracking, Spiral, Epic). The Parrot Anafi drone has software that automates various images of the flight scene as needed.

Parrot Anafi Drone Autonomous Custom SDK Improvements & Modifications

 One of the best features of the Parrot Anafi Drone is the FreeFlight 6 Mode . This is a comprehensive interface that allows users to select all flight settings, photos and videos. Can be used with Parrot SkyController3 without installing any hardware. Freeflight 6 HUD convenient user interface displays flight, settings and remote control on one screen. The Parrot Anafi Drone is equipped with a thermal analysis tool that allows you to correct your photos. This drone software has a variety of map backgrounds that allow for different flight options.

Custom Develop The Parrot Anafi Drones Flight Controller For Best Performance

 This drone comes with the Ground SDK (Software Development Kit). It allows users to develop their own mobile applications. You can use the free Anafi Thermal Ground SDK library. CocoaPods (iOS) and ARR (Android) This code is used under a BSD license and includes installation and help packages as well as all API documentation for building custom apps to monetize the iOS, Android and Android App Store. .

Parrot Anafi Drone Features

  • 180° gimbal tilt
  • No Training Required To Fly
  • Follow Me Mode
  • Cameraman Mode
  • Hand Take-off Mode
  • Smart RTH Mode
  • Estimation Algorithm Predicts Drones Health
  • Position Control Loop
  • Smart Return to Home
  • Automated Take-off
  • Hand Take-off
  • Low Altitude Flight
  • Automated Landing
  • GPS Tracking Algorithms
  • Neural Network Car & Pedestrian Detection

Parrot Anafi Includes:

  • 1 ANAFI Thermal drone
  • 1 Parrot Skycontroller 3
  • 3 Smart batteries
  • 1 Shoulder bag
  • 1 Multiple-port USB charger
  • 1 Tablet Holder
  • 8 Additionnal propeller blades
  • 1 16GB microSD card
  • 4 USB-A / USB-C cable

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