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OBSBOT tiny is the best AI powered web cam for sale to buy online. It features the best AI ML technology out of any web camera online. Easily enjoy the best video, and live streaming on your computer with all the software enhancements. smooth, fast motion and crystal-clear video clips at Full HD 1080p 30fps. Ease of use: OBSBOT Tiny is an artificial intelligence PTZ web camera that uses deep learning neural network computation and AI tracking for automatic framing and motion control. A fast and reliable connection standard, OBS BOT Tiny uses a USB Type-C port to ensure efficient video transfer rates. It provides a computer program that allows you to perform some basic commands, such as adjusting the gimbal rotation, aiming or aiming the iris, zooming in or out, setting a preset position, and more. Tiny supports H.264 with scalable programming coding to reduce dependency on computer and network resources.

OBSboT Tiny Features

OBSBOT Tiny AI powered webcam is the best influencer web cam for sale. It is professional web cam recording device, allowing you to take the best video, and camera as well as integrating with the most popular platforms. OBSBOT Tiny uses Deep Neural Learning Network to perform AI monitoring with automatic framing. This will keep you calm and smooth and automatically focus all your broadcasts and videos. All you have to do is do it yourself.

OBSBOT Tiny webcam for sale

Advanced Gesture Control

OBSBOT Tiny is the first webcam movement that allows users to access various functions such as select/untrack and zoom in/out with simple natural gestures. No need to press a button or turn off the device. OBSBOT Tiny professional webcam sets itself apart from other webcams with its auto exposure and white balance features thanks to its powerful AI features. These webcams are designed to always look great. So forget about soft lighting. You are still perfect for the little things. This is the reason why everyone want to buy the OBsBot Tiny Webcam for sale online, because of all the software features that make it the best webcam of its class. Obsbot Tiny is the best AI-powered PTZ Webcam in the world.

Why Buy OBSBOT AI Powered Webcam For Sale?

Add a smart and powerful webcam to your remote control environment at home or in a conference room. You can use the OTBSPOTZPTZ digital photo webcam to move from room to room. OSBOT Tiny is a compact, high-quality webcam with automatic tracking and control, program-based remote page control, tilt and zoom capabilities, and manual gestures for internal target recognition. The camera connects to a host computer and is compatible with various online video platforms such as Zoom, Microsoft Teams, Facebook and YouTube. The camera can be fixed to a laptop, monitor or desktop and the camera attaches easily to a screwless magnet. Below the camera is a 1/4"-20 thread for mounting on a tripod and a USB Type-C to USB Type-A cable for connecting the camera to Windows or macOS on a host computer.

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