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KY606D Drone for sale is a high quality folding drone that is the best device to use any time you need to take quality pictures when you're flying your drone. This drone is the perfect device and only charges less than 50 minutes with flight time of over 30 minutes. Quadcopter drone is going to take the best picture for your project or if you're a drone enthusiast, you're going to buy this hobby drone for cheap online.

KY606D drone for sale

Performance of KY606D Drone Quadcopter

Remote distance of the drone can fly over 200 meters and the Wi-Fi control distance is well 150 meters. Drone uses a standard remote controller compatible with connecting to your smart phone. fly the KY606D drone the way you want to take the best picture. Create the ultimate experience, drone has smart route patterns marking the distance and location of each path the drone can fly giving precise coordinates via the GPS navigation. Gravity sense smart features allow you to easily measure the performance of every flight to easily fly without any forces changing the trajectory of the flight. KY606D Drone for sale has automatic flight return and high quality performance with a strong battery life.

White Color for the Quadcopter Drone

KY606D Drone Battery & Design

KY606D Folding Quadcopter drone has a powerful battery allowing users to fly over 30 minutes on a single charge. Cheap drone price gives you plenty of options to figure when making the investment and buy this drone for sale online, easy decision in the in. Drone is small, compact and foldable.

Drone Design

  • 9.6cm x 30cm x 30cm
  • Black & White Designs
  • 1800mAH Lithium Battery
  • 2 Joy sticks and 18 button controller
  • Comes with 6 different parts

Drone Camera & Video

Camera and video of the drone is 1080px with 4k high definition. You use the smart phone application and easily edit your pictures and movies that you create with the drone. You can easily set the camera to project video to your VR Headset. FPV camera allows you to watch video in real time at 4k definition.

Overall Buying Cheap KY606D Drone

When you want a cheap high quality drone for sale you're going to get the perfect drone for sale with the KY606D Folding Quadcopter. It is small, compact with extra sensors giving you complete mobility and movement toward controlling the drone to a precision. This drone will do everything needed for the perfect 4K video and camera.

Drone Specifications

  • Drone charges with USB cable in under 60 minutes.
  • Drone has remote distance of over 150 meters
  • Drone uses AA batteries for remote controller and 1800mAH long-term battery 3.7 volts
  • Wi-Fi-Real Transmission
  • Foldable drone
  • headless mode, one-button return
  • Drone has four control channels and Mode 2 controller

KY606D Drone Quadcopter Comes With

  • x1 drone
  • x1 Remote Controller RCX1
  • x4 Frame Protector Blade Guards
  • x1 USB Charger Cable
  • x1 Battery

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