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Buying a new hidden camera for sale is something that's going to help you know you have a high quality hidden alarm clock camera you can rely on. The small alarm clock camera uses high quality 1080 FHD with different HD selection. It uses custom night vision, low light settings to pick up the best quality video even in low light, and in the dark. If you want a small hidden alarm clock camera to use as your hidden camera make it the Wifi HD alarm clock, the best in its class as far as premium, branded alarm clock camera to buy online. You get a free app you can download with this cheap hidden camera alarm clock making it very easy to use from your smart phone.

Hidden Camera Wifi Alarm Clock Performance

When you want a high quality cheap portable wifi camera, the hidden alarm clock wifi camera is the best spy camera money will buy you. You can easily record FHD video continuously, with built-in camera features. The night vision viewing angle is 110 degrees, making the camera have quality peripherals. The storage comes with over 128GB to hold plenty of recording video. Power supply is 340ma 3.7 volts. Alarm Clock features have no monthly fee, as you can record videos and publish them to any OS system.

Hidden Camera Alarm Clock Spy Camera Design

Design of the wifi spy camera alarm clock is a compact device, made out of polycarbonate materials. It comes in black colors and is Dimensions: 6.5" x 3.5" x 2.5. The portable features within the alarm clock allow you to record video inside an room. There are two USB ports in the front of the alarm clock giving you options to charge your cell phones whenever necessary. The Alarm clock spy camera is a quality built product with a 1 year warranty.

Hidden Alarm Clock Features

  • 1080px FHD quality
  • Night Vision Camera
  • AC Power Charging
  • Built-in Wifi Recorder
  • up to 128GB of memory
  • No Monthly Fees
  • Continuous motion detection video recording
  • Time/Data Stamps

Hidden Camera Alarm Clock Comes With:

  • x1 Alarm Clock
  • x1 USB Cord / AC Charger
  • x1 Night Vision Camera 128GB Micro SD Card
  • SD Card Adapter
  • x1 Manual


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