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 Smart automatic subarea robot lawn mower allows you to mow the lawn automatically with your mobile device since the robot has many sensors. It will mow the lawn according to your settings you put it on. This is best for flat lawns but the lawn mower can mow any lawn despite the conditions. S520 automatic subarea robot lawn mower is the best in its class as you have a full 30 day refund if the lawn mower doesn't function properly.  Smart lawn mower uses a wifi control panel to make sure the robot is properly controlled. You simple use the  robotic controls to fully control the robot easily to manage it properly. 

Automatic Subarea Robot Lawn Mower - Home Electronics


  • Power Type: Electricity
  • Feature: Height Adjustable Handles
  • Feature: Anti-stall
  • Feature: Anti-Slip
  • Certification: EMC
  • Certification: CE
  • Certification: Other
  • Type: Robotic Mowers
  • Forward Speed: 35M/MIN
  • Cutting Width: 28CM
  • Model Number: S520
  • Battery: 6.6AH lithium battery
  • Smartphone Wi-Fi APP Control: Yes
  • Water-Proofed charger: Yes
  • Auto Recharged: Yes
  • Schedule: Yes
  • Gyroscope Function: Yes
  • Range Function: Yes
  • Subarea setting: Yes
  • Password-Anti theft: Yes
  • Cutting height: 2.5-5.5cm
  • Mower Size: 60.5*47.5*28cm (LWH)
  • Charging Station: 44*48.2*15cm (LWH)
  • Working capacity: 2600m2+_20%
  • Coverage (for one charging): 800m2+_20%
  • Working time: 2-3 hours
  • Charging time: Less 3 hours
  • Brush-less Motor: Yes
  • Warranty: Two Years
  • Wire+pegs: 100m+100pcs
  • Longest Wire and Pegs: 600m+600pcs


Automatic Subarea Robot Lawn Mower - Home Electronics


Automatic Subarea Robot Lawn Mower - Home Electronics


 There are sensors that allow the mower to stop when it is lifted off the ground.  The lift sensor will stop working within one seconds. Tilt sensor will stop working in 2 seconds when it tilts within 30 degrees. Virtual wire for activating range function will automatically activate when the robot hits its virtual wire.

Automatic Subarea Robot Lawn Mower - Home Electronics

4. The bump sensor will activate once the mower strikes an object, fixed object or something at least 6cm in height. When the bump sensor is activated your subarea lawn mower will activate again. 

5. there's a rain sensor that will not let the robot cut grass in the rain. If you need a good quality lawn mower that can sense rain, it is the subarea lawn mower that's the best working lawn mowing robot. 


6.  Touch sensor will activate when you're cutting grass with the subarea robot lawn mower. It will stop working within .5 seconds if you touch the mower for safety reasons. 


7. Wi-Fi remote control (IOS And Android System)


8. Mowing schedule (in any time)

9. Anti-theft (Password for protecting)


10. Cutting height easy adjustable (2.5-6cm)

11. Auto recharge 

12. Emergency stop switch

13. Pressure sensor 

14. Overload protect 

15. Waterproof 

16. LCD display 

17. Subarea setting 

18. Different languages selection: English, French, German, Danish, Swedish, Finnish, Italian, Norwegian, Spanish, Dutch, Russian, Polish and more.


19. Virtual wire: (The longest can be 600m,standard packing was 100m)

 Technical information about S520:

Automatic Subarea Robot Lawn Mower - Home Electronics


Packaging & Shipping


1pc packed in one carton
Carton Size:91*56*36cm(L*W*H) 
20ft/40ft/40hq :144/312/364pcs     


What is the packing box:

Robot Lawn Mower: 1pc

Waterproof charger:  1pc

Remote Control:  1pc

Virtual wire: (100m)

Pegs: (100pcs)

Virtual wire connectors: (10pcs)

Charging station:  1pc 

Inner hexagon spanner

Stakes: (4pcs)

Blades:  4pcs 

User manual:  1pc 

Wi-Fi manual:   1pc 


Automatic Subarea Robot Lawn Mower - Home Electronics



Automatic Subarea Robot Lawn Mower - Home Electronics


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